ALGI (Algae, Light and Gas Instruments), manufacturer of patent-pending environmentally-controlled O2 and H2 rate-sensing systems and quantitation software.


Biological Gas Exchange

  • Photosynthesis (i.e. Algae, Oxygen-evolving Bacteria)
  • Respiration/Alternative Oxidase
  • Nitrogenase-based H2 production

In Vitro Gas Exchange

  • Example: Methyl viologen H2-ase enzyme activity

Photoelectrochemical Gas Exchange and Artificial Photosynthesis

  • Bio-inspired photoelectric chemistry
  • Hydrogen-producing catalysts
  • Photocatalytic water splitting

Hybrid Systems

  • Bio-hybrid evolution of O2 and/or H2

Our Instrument

As no other commercial device is equipped to simultaneously detect dissolved H2 and O2 from algal samples, we have constructed an electrode polarization, signal acquisition, and physiological data analysis system for interrogating in vivo H2 and O2 physiology from microbial phototrophs.

During the development of the ALGi Polarograph, systematic errors were identified in common oxygen and hydrogen gas measurements. The ALGi Polarograph maintains set sample temperature, correctly predicts dissolved gas based on altitude compensation and salinity correction. Our cooled, computer-controlled LED light source provides calibrated irradiance up to 6000 μmol photons m-2 sec-1 PAR. Consideration of these variables has allowed us to provide the most quantitative Pt/AgCl electrode-based system currently on the market.

ALGiSENSE Software allows for unprecedented experimental design, including programmable lighting intensity and timing, making gas exchange experiments from anaerobic photobiological H2 evolution to automated photosynthesis vs. irradiance curves a snap. In addition, stored probe calibration data combined with user input of relevant sample data like chlorophyll, cell counts, volume, and salinity delivers immediate dissolved gas and gas exchange rates in the desired user-defined units.

Custom configurations available by request


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